Website Design

Website Design – Everything Is Designed… Few Things Are Designed Well.

Let’s face it, you have a lot of options out there when it comes to website design. Why should you choose Fantich Media?


We are adults building websites. We’re not kids fresh out of college making promises about deadlines and ideas. We are a full service advertising agency that has been around for over 20 years. We’ve built websites for big name companies like: House of China, D-Tronics, Blue Onion, The City of Pharr & Glick Twins (to name a few). Our beautiful designs speak for themselves and are simple, yet fun for your customers.

Image Is Everything.


Whether you have a website or not, your customers will judge you. No Website: “Wow, they aren’t even online.” Poorly Designed Website: “Hmm… Is this website a reflection of their product?”

We want to make beautiful website design that not only sells your products, but sells your brand. Your image.

What We Offer.


Search Engine Optimization helps your website move up in search engine rankings like Google & Yahoo! We scope out your site (whether we’re building it, or it’s already been designed) and find every way possible to move you up in the rankings. Plus, we also offer a full Google Analytics.

Fantich Media Website Design is done with the end user in mind. We like to create simple, easy to navigate websites that help grow your business. Not only that, but we want them to look beautiful. Nothing is done, unless it’s done perfect. We treat each site like it’s our own.

Do you have a retail store? Increase your bottom line by adding online sales for your customers around the world! Fantich Media creates E-Commerce websites that are safe & secure. We don’t want yours or your customers information at risk! Our sites are all securely protected with IP Blocks for unusual activity.

Your a big time business, so let’s get you a big time email address! Nothing looks more unprofessional than having an email address at:, or We can create emails & forwards to create [email protected] And we offer plenty of webmail options.

If you’re building a new website, or just wanting to revamp your site with new photos & imagery of your business, we can help. We can send our professional photography team out to your store and get beautiful photos of your business. And with just a little touch of trick photography make your place look fantastic!

One thing our Clients love, our copywriting skills. We understand you’re a busy person… you don’t have time to write down every piece of information for every single page on your website. We schedule one meeting with you, extract everything we need to know, and build the perfect story for your site. We write everything.

What are you waiting for