TV Commercials

TV Commercials

You deserve beautiful TV Commercials. Too often we see so many big name local advertisers in the RGV spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying TV time for their commercial to air, yet they don’t spend any time or money on their commercial. There is a simple formula to TV commercials & advertising.

1. Message

This is your actual creative work. Sure lots of other ad agencies or “marketing gurus” can promise you your TV commercials will be seen by tons of people. But… will those people actually react to it? If the creative work isn’t there, and the message is subpar, you’ve just wasted a big chunk of money on buying TV spots. The most important thing we do when ideating for a commercial is crafting the message.

2. Frequency

This is how often your commercial is aired. Experts say your audience needs to see a commercial at least 6 times before remembering and reacting to it. We help in that process too. Not only do we create beautiful commercials, but we also place them too. We do all your media buying, and ensure you get seen by the masses, often. Because, we get some really fantastic rates. Better than if you (as a customer) went direct to the media. Remember this simple saying, “People buy more often than familiar than from the unfamiliar.”

3. Reach

Reach refers to the total number of people “in the audience” for your advertisement. A commercial that airs during the Super Bowl has HUGE reach. A commercial that airs at 3AM on a Tuesday morning… not so much. We can help find the right times to air your commercial when a large number of viewers are watching a specific program.

4. Offer

While image spots are great and can really help people believe in your business’ brand, let’s be serious. You want the cash register to ring. We can help you to create the perfect offer that can really get customers motivated to visit your store and buy your product.

We shoot all of our TV commercials in gorgeous 1080p Full HD, shot with a wide array of lenses in our arsenal and two different DSLR Cannon cameras to get that perfect shot. We believe local businesses deserve Hollywood style commercials.


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