There’s a lot of work that goes into coming up with award-winning ideas, but we accomplish it with ease, thanks to our eclectic group of talented minds. We’re left-brained & right-brained people working together for one common goal, you.  Meet our staff of highly experienced individuals.



  • Marc Fantich

    Marc has over 30 years experience in marketing & advertising in South Texas, a feat the staff marvels at (he doesn’t look a day over 29).  He’s won multiple awards for creativity, is a BBQ expert extraordinaire and Michigan Foosball Champion.
  • Eric Fantich

    Creative Director
    Eric graduated from an Ivy League University, Magna Cum Laude, and often touts his impeccable Trivial Pursuit play skills. He’s worked for the largest agency in NYC for brands like Marriott, Chevron, Chase & Disney, and can often be seen coming to work on his 10-speed.
  • Manny Garza

    Creative Director
    Manny is an honors graduate in Visual Arts, but that isn’t his proudest moment. No, he often brings up winning the Houston Livestock show drawing contest 4 years in a row… as an Elementary student! He is also quite the karaoke artists, after a few drinks.
  • Ernie Salcedo

    Graphic Designer
    Ernie comes from the school of hard knocks, and by hard knocks we mean Graphic Design at UTPA. During the day he designs here, and during the evening he dresses as Batman and plays guitar. One of those statements is true!
  • Michelle Mann

    Marketing Manager
    Michelle is just a small time girl… livin’ in a lonely world, she took the midnight train goin’ anywhere. Ok, but really Michelle has been working in marketing & advertising for almost 20 years. She’s worked on the billboard side, TV side… but much rather prefers the agency side. She likes being creative with us!
  • Marsha Davis

    Marsha has been doing bookkeeping work for way too long (over 50 years, so yeah she’s got some experience), but without it, she’d be sitting at home eating bon-bons.  All these young people in the office keep her young!