Fantich Media is a full-service advertising agency in South Texas. We built a company that’s committed to serving its Clients, building brands and growing businesses through creative marketing.

We’re often asked how our company has blossomed from a tiny seed in the head of a visionary, to a greenhouse of fresh ideas. Simple — our staff are the most dedicated and qualified individuals you’ll find in this industry.

We eat, drink and breathe advertising.

We don’t just aim to do “good-enough” work. No. We formed Fantich Media to strive for perfection. We don’t want “good-enough,” we want the best. And that’s what we give you. The best advertising campaigns. The best rates. The best creative work.  Golden eggs to grow your business.  Click each button below to read more about our services.



You know those cool TV commercials you see, where you grab your DVR and rewind to watch it again? That’s what we make. Commercials that make people say, “Wow! That was cool.”

And we don’t fool around when it comes to production. All our TV commercials are shot in Full HD (1080p) on our Canon 5D MK II or Canon 7D camera with our wide array of lenses. We then edit our footage with Final Cut Pro HD, Adobe After Effects & Pro Tools HD, all Hollywood film standards, to make sure we produce a stunning commercial your audience will love.


You’re paying good money to be on the radio, why not have people hear your ad! We create radio ads that cut through the clutter. Radio ads that have people turn up their volume to hear just what it is we’re talking about.

Plus, all of our radio commercials are produced using the industry standard, Pro Tools HD, a 12-channel mixing board, an analog compressor, hundreds of digital effects and vocal plugins, and a handful of microphones, to get that perfect sound.


If it can be printed, we can design it! Fantich Media designs print ads, brochures, posters, banners, mailers, magazines… the list goes on. Whew! Every project we undertake is designed to the highest industry standards, using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and one of our many different cameras for photos.

And we have a full graphic design team that incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to create something original for your business.


How long have you been in business without a website, or with a website that you aren’t proud of? If the answer is “too long,” then it’s time to give us a call. We build websites that work hard for you. Functional websites that sell your company 24/7.

We’re a group of grown-ups, who build websites for a living. We’re not some college kids trying to make a few extra bucks. We understand the importance of a deadline, and we respect it. Let us build your website and meet your deadline.

Social Media

Remember the cool kids in school that were ahead of the curve? The ones that knew the next big thing coming before anyone else?

We’ve been using social networking for years now, and have established some of our Clients with a social network that far exceeds any e-mail list. Let us use our experience to build your social network.

Out Of Home

Most billboards are passed on the highway without even a gaze. No love for billboards. Not at Fantich Media; we make billboards that people stare at! Billboards that SHOUT “My Business is Here!” From the design process to our full color printing, our billboard ideas are original.

We actually own a billboard company in Mexico as well. Billboards that target wealthy Hispanics traveling from Monterrey to the Valley on the Autopista. Let’s just say we have experience in billboards.